Bedbug-sniffing dogs

It's in january 2011 that we discovered the company  PK-9 discovered who where at the 2011 symposium of the bedbug of Montréal and at the 2011 symposium of the bedbug of Quebec

Detection of bed bugs can be very difficult for humans, it is quite otherwise for the canines. The detective work of a single tracking dog can be worth the work of about 25 people. It is therefore an economical way to determine whether you have an infestation and to target where it is located. 

Mr. Lavigne stated that "the exercise of detection of bed bugs can be difficult because the insect in all its forms of life cycle from egg, to nymph to adult stage and, can be hidden almost anywhere." 

Bedbug sniffing dogs from PK-9 perform a work of remarkable efficiency. Through their sense of smell, bedbugs sniffing dogs can  locate bed bugs in all its stage of life, even when they are virtualy inaccessible to the human eye.  It's allowing a better localization and systematic management of the affected areas. 

Bedbugs sniffing dogs are uses by residential and institutional business.   

PK-9 Detection Dogs 
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