Bedbugs in Montreal

It is more precisely in the greater Montreal area and and around that the epidemic of bed bugs is the most important.

A little over 9% of interventions for bed bugs in public housing in Montreal:
In 2010, the Municipal Housing Agency of Montreal (OMHM) intervened in 1863 of its 20 000 manages SHDM. In 2006, 219 interventions were performed by the OMHM. This is a staggering increase of 800% in just 4 years. 

About 40 000 people have been affected in 2010 on the island:
According to a survey of 2010, 2.7% of households in the island of Montreal would have had bedbugs in their homes during the previous twelve months.

Moderate but a real spread to all of Quebec:
Despite the lack of data on the infestation of bed bugs at the provincial level, there is a spreading of the presence of bed bugs across Quebec and Canada.

In french: