What are bedbugs

Bedbugs are small parasitic insect that like to live in matress. Adult bed bugs have the appearance of an apple seed with six legs, while larvae are not easy to detect by the human eye. 

Bed bugs are usualy feed by human blood. A colony of bed bugs can bite a person up to 500 times in only one night.  Children can also suffert of anemia.   Bed bugs cause many inconvenience on health. It may cause skin rashes, allergic reactions, skin infections, psychological problems, insomnia, etc..

It is realy hard to sleep when you discover that your matress is full of tiny wise, hiden bugs that eate you as you sleep!

In addition, 30% of the population is not sensitive bedbugs bites, which does not facilitate its early detection and elimination. 

The bed bug reproduces very quickly. Since bed bugs can lay up to 300 eggs during its life, the evolution of infections that can quickly change a few individuals into hundreds of thousands. 

Montreal, like many other cities around the world is now facing  an epidemic of bed bugs. Bedbugs thrive in some motels, Bed&Breakfast, but also in numerous private residences and social housing.  The presence of bed bugs is not a sign of uncleanliness. It spreads without regard to social status. It can be found in how homes as in luxury homes, in shelters as well as in luxurious hotels, in schools, hospitals, transit, taxi, etc.  Bed bugs had already been found in the New York United Nations Building.

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