Bed bugs in Montreal

bed bug

Bedbugs are small parasitic insect that like to live in matress or near of the beds and feed on blood just like mosquitoes. Bed bugs, however, are more corriaceous and more difficult than mosquitoes to get rid of them.  These little pests are present in montreal just like in all the big cities of the world.

What does bedbugs look like ?

Adult bed bugs mesure between 5 to 7mm, are brown and have the appearance of an apple seed with six legs. Bedbugs eggs are tinny, measuring about 1mm and are translucid. The nymph (youg bed bugs) look in all respect to the adult bed bugs but are smaller and more translucids. Their colors of varies from translucent to brown, which make them hard to see. 1


The bed bug reproduces very quickly. Since bed bugs can lay up to 300 eggs during its life, the evolution of infestations that can quickly change a few individuals into hundreds of thousands.

Montreal bed bugs on skin

What look like bed bugs bites ?

Most bedbug victims have skin reactions following their bites. These reactions may vary from one individual to another. Some will not see any reaction, others will have reactions similar to those they would have following a mosquito bite. In some rare cases allergic reactions, giant urticaria, papular urticaria and bullous eruptions that are sometimes haemorrhagic can occur. Secondary infection due to scratching or a particularly serious condition may occur. Impetigo or cellulitis can then support. It should be noted however that no transmission of diseases to humans by a bug has been recorded so far. Though, 30% of the population is not sensitive bedbugs bites, which in some cases, does not facilitate its early detection and elimination.

A colony of bed bugs can bite a person up to 500 times in one night.




Montreal bed bugs bites
Bed bugs bites
photo of bed bug bites
photo of bed bug bites

Where to found bedbugs ?

Bed bugs feeds at night while their victim are in a deep sleep. They then injects an anesthetic, making theirs sting painless. Fleeing the light, they go back to hide themself, in a mattresses, a box springs, a furniture or any other place they can find in the room. It is rare for a person to be aware of the infestation quickly. It can takes several months before the symptoms worsen. Sometimes the extent of the infestation is very important before the victim makes the connection between the presence of bed bugs and its symptoms.

The bedbug is usually concentrated in the immediate environment of the bed. Here are some places where you could find bedbugs 2:

  • Around the piping and seams of the mattress,
  • In the fold of the mattress,
  • On and inside the boxspring,
  • Under the boards and in the slots of the bed structure,
  • Under complaints of the walls,
  • Behind the wires along a wall (ex: telephone wire),
  • Under and inside the furniture,
  • Under and in bedside furniture slots,
  • Behind the curtains,
  • Behind the frames,
  • Under loose wall paper,
  • In the wall outlets,
  • At the jonction between the ceiling and the wall

Montreal, like many other cities around the world is now facing  an epidemic of bed bugs. Bedbugs thrive in some motels, Bed&Breakfast, but also in numerous private residences and social housing.  The presence of bed bugs is not a sign of uncleanliness. It spreads without regard to social status. It can be found in poor homes as in luxury homes, in shelters as well as in luxurious hotels, in schools, hospitals, transit, taxi, etc.  Bed bugs had already been found in the New York United Nations Building.

Our site is a resource to those interested in learning more about bedbugs and how to get rid of it.

Montreal city bedbugs map jul-2011 to dec 2016*