Montreal Bed bugs detection dogs

Montreal bed bugs detection dogBed Bug Detection Dogs 1 are valuable allies in the fight against this insect. Their extraordinary sense of smell and their great complicity have enabled detector dogs to save lives by warning their masters of the presence of explosives, drugs, people, diseases such as cancer or even bacteria like C. Difficile. Today, they detect bed bugs, their eggs and their nymphs. Canine Bed Bug Detection services allows owners of homes, hotels, office spaces, and managers of schools, daycares, medical clinics, shelters, and institutions to quickly inspect their buildings, to certify that they are bedbugs free or to precisely identify the areas affected by the presence of the bugs. Canine bed bug inspection services are sometime being used by pest management companies to certify the success of extermination of bed bugs after the application of a heat treatment.

Why opt for a canine detection of bed bugs in Montréal?

According to some studies, canine bed bug detection is more effective and much faster than technician inspections. 2 It allows to know from the inspection if there is or not the presence of bedbugs and to locate accurately the presence of bedbugs. This facilitates decision-making and informs the exterminators where is the infestation, so they can concentrate their work in the most affected places.

Are bed bug detectors reliable?

Bed Bug Detection Dogs can be extremely effective. In an experiment conducted by researchers of the University of Florida, it was observed that a properly trained dog was able, with 98% accuracy, to detect the presence of bed bugs that had been hidden in hotel rooms. It was also observed that dogs were able to differentiate dead bedbugs from live bed bugs and viable eggs in 95% of cases. 3 One of the undeniable benefits of bed bug detecting dogs is that they are able to detect bed bugs even in places where they are not visible. Ex: Inside a mattress or box spring, behind moldings, inside cardboard boxes, in laundry bags, under a carpet, etc .


Why opt for a canine bedbug detection service certified?

There is no regulation currently in place in Quebec to supervise canine bed bug detection services. In order to be effective, a bed bug detector dog must be trained very regularly. In the cities most affected by bed bugs, people have embarked on canine bed bug detection. Some dogs come from professional dog handlers while others are educated directly by their owner. That’s why it seems important to us that the effectiveness and certification of Bed Bug Detection Dogs could be tested after being tested by an independent external certification body4.

Some Montreal bed bugs detection dog services

Several companies offer canine detection services for bed bugs in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec. For example, we listed below some of them. It is recommended that you check the quality of the services offered by these companies before using them.

Solution Cimex (Montreal)

Élite K9 Chiens de détection (Montreal)

PK9 (Montréal)

AXON Extermination (Montréal)

K9 inspection  (Sherbrooke)

On Flair (Montréal)

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