Bedbugs fact sheet

Name: Bed Bug – Cimex lectularius

Size: Adults can grow 3.5mm to 5 mm (about the size of a rice grain or an apple seed)

Feeding: Mainly human blood or other blood form warm blooded animals (mamals as well as birds)

Where it lives: Bed bugs prefer to live in matress, but can hide almost every where in cracks and clothes in the house.


Way to kill the bed bugs: 


  1. By freezing (Cryonite treatment) the cryonite eliminate bed bugs by freezing them at – 78°C
  2. bed bugs Heating treatment: It heats the house with special furnase until all bedbugs are dead.
  3. Chemical products.  They are a lots of product on the market to kill bedbugs but some are only available to professional exterminators (unfortunately, they are more efficient).

Bedbugs are epidemic parasites. The presence of bedbugs is not related to a lack of cleanliness.