Get rid of bedbugs STEP by STEP

We strongly advise you to hire a exterminat

ion professional soon as possible. Bed bugs can cause serious damage to your home and your belongings. An extermination expert is the best position to eliminate bedbugs. There are two methods of extermination. The thermal method is environmentally friendly and very efficient. The chemical method is usually less expensive but also less effective. If you choose a “chemical” exterminator , we suggest you negotiate two appointments to about 21 days interval because the chemicals are ineffective against the eggs of bedbugs.

Get sealable cover for each mattress in the house.  They are cheap but very efficient. Protect your mattress and box spring: inspect them, return them, vacuum on them especially in the folds where the bug likes to hide. If you dont want chimical on your matress and box spring, treat it with a high temperature steam unit. Remember to treat the underside of the buttons too. Lets it dry and then coat them in a sealable cover,

Once the exterminator has done his work, sanitize all your liter and clothes: Wash it all at very hot water and dry it in the dryer at high temperature. If possible, use a bleach. Remember to do the same to your duvet, plush, carpet.

Prevent bed bugs access to your bed: you can use lids or plastic containers in which you will put the legs of your bed, making sure to coat a wide circular band petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to stop any bedbug. It is also possible to use a tape on sticky on both sides around the legs of the bed. This creates a physical barrier effective against bed bugs and it will let you know if anyone has survived extermination.

Eliminate breeding places: Wash bedding often, cushions, remove any piece of cloth that could drag down. Bedbugs like throwing stuff to spawn.

Vacuum frequently throughout the affected housing, in cracks, electrical outlets, baseboards, and in all adjacent rooms. This can removes a large proportion of bugs, and young larvae remaining. Then dispose of the waste in a vacuum sealed bag.

Make the second extermination treatment approximately 21 days after the first one.

If your housing is part of an apartment building, notify your landlord of the presence of bed bugs.

These general steps are no substitute for the instructions of your professional exterminatior. 

The building type and level of infestation may require different steps or treatments. 

Consult your professional extermination before performing these steps.