Get rid of bedbugs

There are several methods to get rid of bed bugs.

First it is important to determine if the infestation is accidental.  Vast majority of bedbugs infestations are accidental, meaning that it happens unexpectedly by the accidental introduction of a few specimens from daycare, school, work or transit… Sometimes the infestation has a local source: A bird’s nest in the attic, the presence of  bat or an infestation of the nearest neighbord. That is why the tenants should always inform their owners of the presence of bedbugs in their homes. If the source is local, you should remove it as quickly as possible to avoid recurrent infections. There are also dogs able to help you find the infestations of bed bugs.

3 methods to get rid from bedbugs: 

The natural way of extermination treat the infected area using natural products (diatomaceous earth, covering mattresses with sealable covers, spray natural plant insecticides (pyrethrins). This method requires several repetitions of treatment and remains more or less effective depending on several factors (size of the infestation, thoroughness, strength of product, bed bugs resistance, etc..)

The chemical way to exterminate treat the infected area using chemicals and is more effective against bedbugs. Treatment must be thorough and repeated at least once 3 weeks later because the eggs of bedbugs are not affected by chemicals. Since the banning of DDT, the extermination products are less effective, requiring much more detail and successive treatments.

The thermal destruction of bedbugs treat infested area in a very efficient and environmentally friendly way, thus eliminating the health hazards posed by chemical pesticides. Large furnaces are installed outside and blow the heat to a specific degree in the apartment or infested house. This method is efficient and requires only a one shot intervention. However, only few exterminators offer this method because the equipment is relatively new on market and expensive.

The professional extermination should always be accompanied by a thorough cleaning and monitoring of steps that could lead to a better chance of success.