How to avoid bedbugs infestation

Here are some tips to avoid bedbugs infestation.


When you are staying for some days in an hotel, an hostel, a cruise ship or a place a risk,  dont be shy to:

  • Check your bed for any brown or red bedbugs defecation stains.
  • Prefer hard suitcase to smooth canvas bags.
  • Be sure to keep your cloths hermetically (you can put your clothes in a pastic bag into your luggage).
  • Dont put your cloths into the hotel closet.
  • Dont put your luggages on the bed. place it on a hard furniture.
  • Choose clothes that can be washed at hot water. So you will be able to treat it when you come back home.
  • Use plastic bags when you want to keep an object that may have bedbugs hidden inside it.
  • Rigorously inspect all your belongings before leaving the place.


At home:

  • Put an hermetic mattres encasement. It will prevent bedbugs to invade the place they love the most to invade a place: your bed.
  • Inspect your mattress and those of your children.  Earlier the presence of bedbugs is detected and treated, easiest it is to get rid of it. If you found bedbugs, act rapidly.  Every day count as their reproduction is exponential.
  • Never pick up abandoned furniture in the streets.
  • Repair loose tapestries, cracks,
  • Fills space in all holes where bedbugs could transfer from your neighbours to your house. (ex: plumbing pipes holes, heating system pipes holes, etc.)
  • Inform yourself and educate your children on the phenomenon of bedbugs.  Learn them how looks bedbugs bites, bedbugs stains on the sheets, and where they like to hide.  They will be better at detecting bedbugs cases at home but also on their friends and classmates.
  • Never tolerate bird nests or bats on the wall of your house. Birds and bats can be source of bedbugs!

When you are moving to a new housing:

  • Before renting, ask the owner if there has been presence of bedbugs over the last 2 years in the place you would like to move.
  • During the visit, search the slightest clue of bedbugs presence: Check moldings, and th state of the mattress in place if it has one.
  • When moving, make sure that the vehicles used are bed bugs free. Avoid using moving blanket provided in those vehicles. Place it in sealed bags and use your own stock.
  • You can aslo make a big cleaning of the truck before using it. Use a good vacuum to make a good job.
  • Keep in ming that if 3% of households in city are affected by the invasion of bedbugs, it is likely that a moving truck that have made 100 moving runs has also got 2 or 3 times bedbugs too!
  • There is voluntary public registers of bedbugs presence for canada as for United-States.  Why not check if your next apartment had not been prey of bedbugs ?
  • do not approach an abandoned mattress on the road.  simple contact with an infested mattress could cost you lots.  A single bed bugs could climb to your clothes, and become fews months laters a whole colony of thousands bed bugs!