How to detect bedbugs

Now that you know what are bed bugs, it would be helpful to know where and how to detect them.

Bedbugs are Intelig. They hide during the day, sometimes they stop to move. They only go out to eat while we sleep deeply. In addition, they inject an anesthetic to prevent its victim to feel its sting.

To find it, we can turn the dial to 2: 00 AM and keep a flashlight nearby. Do not turn the room light on because bedbugs hate the light and will flee.

Using your flashlight, examine your bed, your blankets, your headboard, underneath your mattress.

If you do not find live bed bugs, look for tasks feces, blood stains on your sheets. Vigorously inspect seams and folds of your mattresses. The folds of mattresses are the place where bedbugs like to take refuge and breeding.

Bedbugs also like to hide in the box spring, the bed frames, behind the headboard, in supplies and furnitures, desks, frames, lamps,  switches, radiator, wall and floor cracks, etc.

If you are a victim of bed bugs infestartion, it is important to make some key steps to move toward a rapid and successful extermination.  Exterminate bed bugs is not always easy. This is a complex and painstaking task.

Follow the steps to eliminate the infestation and learn on how to spread bed bugs.

Know the spreading patterns of bedbugs may allow you to avoid being infected again after treatment or to infect someone else’s home, daycare, school or public service.