Insecticides and sprays

Bed bugs insecticides and spray are  available in severals stores, including large areas stores but especially in hardware store.   You will also found diatomaceous earth that is a natural powder made from skeletons of fossilized marine organisme. Diatomaceous earth acts as crushed crystals injuring insects and causing death by dehydration !   You could also found some product with silica powder that make the same king of work.

You can also found some Boric acid extermination products.  Boric acid is a weak acid, not very toxic to human but it has strong  insecticidal properties. It widely sell on the market.  It cause lethal burns to insects.

Perethrins are derived form flower such as pyrethrun Damatian chrysanthenum and Persia… Pyrethrins product directly act on the nervous system of the insects.

Those products are some of the most commonly found on the market.  But they are not the most effectives.  Law forbiden the wide use of the more powerful insecticides on the market by restricting their use to registred applicators only (professionals exterminators.)

So it may be a good idea to let the extermination of bedbugs to true exterminator professional.  They not only have access to a wide range of more efficient products but they also have a deeper knowledge of the behaviours of bedbugs and what are the best way to get rid of it.

Always be careful if you bought anti bed bugs insecticides and spray. Carefully follow the instruction of the product maker and keep out of reach of children or pet as some of these products can be harmfull.  Finally it’s is recommended to use an anti bed bugs mattress encasement instead of putting dangerous chemicals on your  mattress.